Building ZF3 composed pages using Nesting View Models and Forward Controller Plugin

Normally in ZF3 MVC projects, each controller action matches one view and use it to render its output.

Occasionally, we may want to build your ZF3 pages by dispatching various controllers from within the matched controller and merging outputs into a unique final view. In this way we can aggregate one or more views to create complex pages like report summaries or widget dashboards.

In this post, we will see how to write few lines of code to include output of an arbitrary action into action matched from route.

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How to inject Zend Service Manager in ZF3 Controllers

Zend Service Manager component is Zend Framework’s implementation of service locator pattern. This object is very usefull component for an application and is largely used in ZF applications.

Unfortunately in ZF3 default application, Service Manager component is no more available in controllers.

An official solution exsists for this, but in this little tutorial, I want to share an easy solution to inject Service Manager in all controllers.

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Le fake news fanno danni. Lo vogliamo capire?!

Ne abbiamo già parlato qualche settimana fa nell’articolo Notizie false, conseguenze vere, ma la situazione continua a peggiorare.

A nulla sembrano servire gli sforzi di Google, Facebook, dei siti anti bufala e dei vari debunker. Le fake news dilagano e sono sempre più pericolose e dannose.

Bugie divulgate in maniera intenzionale da personaggi il cui scopo è fomentare l’odio verso qualcuno.

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