How to setup Docker container with legacy PHP 5.6 and Xdebug

PHP 5.6 is currently outdated and no more supported, but sometimes, in real World, you could be forced to setup and debug legacy projects that works with outdated technologies. I had to. And I always use Docker for this, of course. But I also need to use Xdebug in order to debug those legacy projects, and common Xdebug installation procedures don’t work with outdated PHP. If fact, if you try, you will get back something like this: [Read More]

Quickly setup HTTPS on PHP Apache2 Docker container with self-signed SSL certificate

I often use local Docker images for development reasons, and sometimes, I need to implement features that only works in HTTPS environment: i.e. JWT Bearer token. So, I prepared a Docker container based on official PHP Apache2 Docker container, that quickly setup HTTPS environment with a self-signed certificate. Follows a starting docker-compose structure that you can be extended as needed. It contains only 2 files: docker-compose.yml apache2/Dockerfile Let’s see file content. [Read More]