Print multiple files in Linux

The problem

Print many files in a single session is a common problem for people that works with big data set. Big documentation, Tax forms PDFs, lot’s of images or photos, are all data that are often stored in separated files. When you need to print them, you have to open each file with specific reader and click on print button.

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Resize multiple images using Linux

Resize an image is a simple operation: there are many software able to do that. The most obvious are Gimp or Photoshop. But what’s the right procedure to resize lots of images?

Imagine you have to prepare thumbnails for a gallery or resize all images to insert into a presentation or, again, reduce photos to send them by email, etc.

Open each image with Gimp or Photoshop and resize them one by one is foolish. How can we perform this operation in a simple way and without stress?

The solution

Use Linux command line. Resize multiple images with Linux is very simple by using ImageMagick suite.

First of all, let’s install ImageMagick that includes lots of tools to manipulate images. To do that, execute following command in terminal window:

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